A new perspective on marketing in just 6 minutes

Palak Surana
6 min readAug 13, 2020

You might have learned about marketing on various platforms, but this article has simple yet effective learning.

In the end, you will definitely feel that you’ve got a new perspective on marketing. Right from talking about the fundamentals of marketing to building a strong brand, this has covered it all.

Let’s start with understanding what marketing is?

Many of us confuse marketing with advertising because we fail to understand that “advertisements are a component of marketing”.

Marketing is the manner in which the seller tries to understand the buyer’s needs and tries to satisfy them. Marketing is not just about selling the product but also maintaining a relationship with customers.

Now you might be wondering, that how does it contribute towards the ultimate goal of selling and earning profit.

In today’s time, it’s really essential to build trust, as there are a lot of competitions and everyone craves quality service.

Marketing should be done in such a way that it leaves an impact on the customer’s mind and so they know where to go when in need. Usage of unethical ways may be successful for the initial period but when it comes to the long term, it’s a big no.


As you know there are two methods of marketing i.e., “Traditional Marketing” and “Digital Marketing”. The basic difference is known by the term itself but let’s dive deeper and understand what makes them different from each other.

Traditional marketing only focuses on the fact that sales should be made at the highest without considering the sentiments and needs of the customer. Also, it focuses on a large audience which helps to reach out to the masses but doesn’t help in understanding the response from customers.

Whereas, digital marketing mainly focuses on direct response marketing. With this, it becomes easier to understand the advertisement results and take measures accordingly. This helps to understand the customer well and maintain a relationship with them.

Now, if you want to get into digital marketing, one of the most important parts or rather the existence in the field, it all depends upon the NICHE you choose.

Yes, you read it right!!

Niche selection is very crucial as you cannot be into everything. So select the niche you know the most or you’re most interested in. The niche should also be according to the present and future demand of the customer as that is what they would be wanting.

One way to find your niche is to at least write 30–40 blogs on it to see if you have got enough knowledge and interest. Another way is to find on Google or run a survey about the current trending needs and see if your interests fall into it.

Here, n stands for NICHE


The CATT funnel can also be known as the “Sales Funnel” or even “Wealth Creation Funnel”. This funnel with the help of your niche brings wealth to your business. Let’s understand this in more detail.

  • Content- this refers to the idea which needs to be communicated to the right customer. The content can be in any form like Blogs, Articles, Social -Media, and Websites, and so on. Quality content is what would give the customer a great impression about the product/service.
  • Attention- with the help of good content, it’s easy to bring in the attention of the target customers. There are different ways to bring attention like:

— Paid advertisements

— SEO(Search engine Optimization)

— Email Marketing

  • Trust- now when all the attention has been grabbed it’s time to build in the trust of customers. Trust can only be built on proofs and one such example is “social proofs”. Social proofs refer to the social media reviews which show the reality.
  • Transaction: This is where the wealth has to be created. Here, after grabbing the trust from the customers now it’s time to convince and convert them into sale customers. Here is where the actual sales take place.

These funnel activities can again be carried out with the revenue earned from Transaction to building Content in order to attract more customers.


This framework involves the various digital platforms where you market your product/service. The platforms work with their strength towards a similar goal. Here, the content is the main part that controls all the other methods. The integrated framework effectively uses all the methods in the most appropriate manner so as to have more sales in the business.

Some of the known digital marketing methods are as follows:

1 Content marketing

2 Email marketing

3 Social media


5 Paid Advertisements


People trust people more rather than the brand. Here, “word of mouth plays a great role”.

Personal branding is really powerful as it creates a relationship with the customers and builds trust.

The downside of personal branding is that it creates a personal identity that distinguishes it from the business and hence, not very much profitable to the business. But the upside is that it helps to generate more new businesses due to personal influence and the people who have shown trust will bring in more new people.

Personal branding should tell a story and that must be connecting with the customers. It can create a great impact and be the reason for the success of the business.

But don’t concentrate only on personal branding as it would not give importance to the product/service. As this would divert the attention and would not fulfill the goal.


With personal branding, the Mass Trust starts building.

The mass trust is the cycle which starts from learning about your interests and then putting them into action by implementing whatever you have learned. As we all know we remember what we write and hence, it is important to write so that our skills improve too. Consulting and consultations are equally important to understand things better. Also, mentor the people who are in need. This whole process will help you to start your own start-up, with all the experiences required.


Marketing is indeed very vast as well as a dynamic field that keeps on updating but sticks to its age-old principles. This was it about all the deep-diving into the marketing. Hope you got a new perspective on marketing.

What’s your favorite lesson among the ones I shared? Is there something else you want to add? Tell it in the comments and do share if you found this informative.

Stay tuned for more such posts :)

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