Some insights about Designing LOGO

Palak Surana
3 min readAug 12, 2020

Before we start to talk about logo, we need to know about the most important component of a product/service which is BRANDING.

But do you know what branding does?

Branding gives a sense of identity, builds trust in customers and differentiates from another similar product/service.

“You have to stay true to your heritage; that’s what your brand is about.” — Alice Temperley

The first piece of communication is LOGO. A logo is graphical illustration which speaks about the product/service. It can not only have images but a styled version of the business name.

But does your logo really make a difference?

Yes, it does!

When it comes to a business, a logo is a way for customers to recognize and remember your brand and product/service.

How many logos can you identify? Let me know in the comments


  • Name Availability — the name of the brand/page should be unique and this has to be cross-checked in order to avoid any mishap, which maybe a copyright.

You can use the site called NAMECHECKR which helps to check Domain and social username availability across multiple networks.

  • Create Logo — the design of the logo should be simple which describes about the product/service, but at the same time should be attractive.

Now look at this logo and tell me which brand does it represent ?

It was easy, right?

The moment you looked at it you knew it was Macdonald’s. With just a logo you could guess the brand. So, logo should be something which would be stuck in everyone’s mind and recognisable.

You can use the site called HATCHFUL or TAILORBRANDS which provides wide variety of logo designing options for free!

  • Choosing Dominant Colour — Colour of the logo plays a great role in attracting customers. As per a research, in 80% cases “Single Colour” is most effective because people remember a brand due to a colour also.

Look at the illustration below:

Source: Tasty Ad

The illustration shows that each colour represents some emotions and I’m sure you’d agree too! For instance, for detergents they mostly use white colour to showcase the cleanliness associated with it.

  • Font style and size- As we know that what attracts the eyes first is the deciding factor, and in case of logo the font has a major role to play. Usage of distinct font makes the logo stand out and attracts the customer.

You can use the site called FONTSPACE or GOOGLE FONTS which have various types of free fonts and each one is different and attractive.

One pro tip for logo designing

*Make sure it looks good in black and white*

To sum up this, remember logos play an important role in making your brand successful which will make business flourish. So what are you waiting for? Go design a professional looking logo for your business and let it grow!

“A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.” — Paul Rand

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