The Unplanned Journey of Palak Surana.

Palak Surana
4 min readAug 6, 2020

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Saturday, 8th March 2025 (Interview Date)

We have covered several inspiring stories of women throughout the week ahead of Women’s Day and today we present you the story of a womanpreneur, an amazing Artist and a Digital Mentor. yes, you are right !! It is none other than Palak!

Born in the nation capital, “Delhi”; brought up in Scotland of East, “Shillong” and currently in the Dollar City of India, “Tiruppur”.

She is a firm believer of practical knowledge. Also she is a single degree holder and that doesn’t really define her or limit her knowledge and skills. What she has achieved in such a small span of time is definitely an inspiration for those people who have self-doubt.

“I haven’t planned out my life and I think that’s why I’ve been so successful.”

Let’s go a little backward and see how she started off.

So this was in the year 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic happened and she was stuck in between getting graduated and starting off her career. It was such a devastating period in every student’s life or rather everyone’s, but here she grabbed her opportunity by enrolling in an internship focusing on Digital Marketing by Digital Deepak. This was the turning point in her life , as after successfully completing the internship she got a job offer from ______. In _____ , she learnt a lot, got hands-on-experience and was also given the “Best Employee of the year 2021”. After a year, she resigned and went on to follow her dreams. Her dream of being an entrepreneur.

Her love for clothing is immense and hence this is when she came in this line of manufacturing apparels which include everything from T-shirts, ladies tops, lowers, jackets, and so on . _____ is one of the best companies in India who have reached such heights in such a small span of time despite the competition only because of her digital marketing skills. She has clients from all over the globe naming a few like The States, South Africa, Europe and domestic too.

“I’m someone who brings out an art in a messy canvas”

Apart from her busy schedule of carrying out business, the only thing she believes that can give her relaxation is her passion for painting and crafts. Her painting talent is not limited to only canvases but to walls, bottles, fabric and pebbles. She exhibits them in various fairs and you can check them out at _______ .com. Majorly, all of her art and craft pieces focus on sustainability.

This is one of her paintings which she made in 2020, and most of her goals are achieved.

The more you give, the more you receive and its applicable for knowledge too!

She is a Digital Mentor for students, business professionals and entrepreneurs. She feels that only when we uplift others, you can uplift yourself. The speciality of her mentoring is that she shares some of the best strategies which she herself uses in her business and also crafts as per your needs.

“Family is not an important thing. Its everything!”

-Michael J.Fox

Coming to her personal life, she is a family-oriented person and does everything to keep her family happy. During her vacations, which she enjoys every 4 month in her life , the best thing she believes is to take a stroll, watching the beautiful sunset on her beach-side bungalow with her partner. This entirely soothes her and prepares her to kick-start the work again. Recently she has fulfilled her teenage dream of gifting a house to her parents, and her parents cannot stop boasting about it to their friends.

Palak’s gift to her parents.

Emphasising at the end, everyone can say, in this era of digitalisation she is the Digital Star! She has been working hard since the past few years and that’s what has made her into what she is now. If you’re someone who has no plans but determination and you are ready to work hard then she is your idol for sure!